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 Beauty Creations Salon & Spa 

 "A Little Park Avenue in the Poconos" 


Swedish Massage

A Traditional Massage That Creates Harmony & Gives Soothing Relaxation                                                      20 min/ $45, 50 min/ $75, 80 min/ $115

Deep Tissue Massage

A Deeper Massage To Help Relieve Chronic Muscle Tension                                                                                                    50 min/ $85, 80 min/ $120

Pre/Postnatal Massage

Helps Ease The discomfort Of Your Changing Body During The Pre/Postnatal Stages Of Pregnancy                                     50 min/ $80, 80 min/ $115

Medical Massage

A Custom Massage That Addresses Specific Medical Issues                                                                                                      20 min/ $50, 50 min/ $80

CBD Enhanced Massage

Repairs Signs Of Aging, Along With Easing Pain & Anxiety                                                                                                      50 min/ $90, 80 min/ $130